The fingerprint of Sheffield. What is unique to Sheffield, why do people feel so at home here? I had a thought (that I’m not sure if it would be illegal due to data protection) but getting peoples fingerprints and stories about sheffield and linking them, or somehow using all their fingerprints to show Sheffield’s identity. I think this will make it more personal to the people of Sheffield and make the report more accessible to them rather than feeling like a very important document that is exclusively for the council members.

Could survey people and find out why they think Sheffield is so unique, do an online and a questionnaire for people (but would they stop and answer?).

It has a strong architectural fingerprint, such as Park Hill and the old cooling towers off the motorway that were knocked down. When they were demolished there was much protest from the residents as they felt it was a symbolic part of Sheffield. Sheffield also has over 1000 listed buildings as shown in a previous post. It would be interesting to go and see which buildings these are, and see how many are in use. Something else I’ve noticed is the amount of empty buildings around Sheffield. Why are they empty? How long have they been empty for? What used to be there. How can I find these things out?

Something I have decided is that I want the colour scheme to be mainly grey as it is a very green city. I may use green as a secondary colour although I’m not sure if it’s an obvious choice. However I think it could be a nice contrast to the grey and nods to the green background that Sheffield is so well known for.


I think this design uses the heritage of the city really well and in a subtle way. Using the traditional pattern it makes it unique to that place and immediately recognisable. This dig into the past and heritage with a modern twist makes the design sleek and simple to follow.


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