Football Brief.

’90 things to do in 90 minutes’
- Book outlining how your time could be better spent rather than watching football.
- Silly things/ light hearted.
- Could use vector based drawings to show activities, or little doodles, showing the lightheartedness.

- Does football have its own visual language? Universal language to communicate.
- No imagery. Just use photography
- Simplify the use of language ‘language of football’
- Could create an actual language – spans over clubs, and stadiums for both national and international games.
- Be a system for navigation
- universal but something could be unique to each club, eg using the grass pattern

- Could the stitching in the old football be used in something?
- Book cover? Used in the making of pages? Could we stitch our own football? What message do we want to show.
- Used leather balls.
nfographic, marked on by sewing on leather
Mark where players run, where the ball goes, how far it goes?

silly things
- what if the ball was a giant inflatable ball?
- everyone has to wear massive clown shoes?
- can only step on certain colour grass?
- instead of getting booked, would have to do a forfeit instead

- Sheffield FC oldest football club

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