After talking to Joe about my type dilemma, and after trialing a few fonts and photo combinations, she looked through my work again, and instead of making a whole new set, work into the type faces I had from previous work. I had never thought about this and as I had accumulated a small collection …



Wanted to keep my box simple – rather than being a distraction from the work inside, complimenting it. For this I used some simple photography and bold colours. I really like the final outcome. The effect on the photo takes away the harsh edges of it and makes you stop to look what its of.

Portfolio progress.

I have a block with my first project, I’ve decided that I’m not going to make 3D type as it won’t show my skills set in its best light. So with the theme of derelict buildings (following my quote and Park Hill theme) I think I am going to make a set of types for …


My 5 point manifesto.

I’ve called my manifesto ‘Small steps.’ Sounds quite cliche, I know, but personally with my work I feel that making small steps, or small design decisions, is the best way to have a balanced and thorough process and a good way of making sure many avenues have been explored. Design should be considered. Design should …


Production week.

So my production week was not nearly as productive as I wanted it to be. I was ill the first half of the week (which I know probably isn’t an excuse) so couldn’t really do any work. Luckily, I had chosen both of my manifesto’s found some books on them, and pretty much planned out …


Choosing manifestos

For my contemporary manifesto I chose Bruce Mau’s – ‘Incomplete Manifesto for Growth.’ We began to analyse this is one of the manifesto workshops, and thats partly why I chose it, because I found that although some of the points were really good and fit well with general design, some of the points contradicted each …


Conceptual Art: Ideas & Language

Conceptual Art. 29th January 2014. Found this lecture really interesting as I’ve never really understood conceptual art, and would probably not consider it to be art in most cases (in my opinion). Although I didn’t really understand some of the pieces shown, I like the concept behind conceptual art, thats it the idea of playing …