The Brief/ Action Plan

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The brief asks of me to create a campaign that brings a sense of community back to built of areas of Britain. This had led me on to research into what campaighns have been previously done to provoke change or spread awareness. These campaigns can be directly or indirectly related to the subject matter, as I could gain knowledge of techniques and tools used to change an audience.

Also, it is suggested that I need to look into what organisation have directly tried or a are trying to promote social communion. This would give myself a knowledge of how I may angle my project towards provoking acts of social conversion between the British community.

As well as this, the brief told me that I have to design a tool or object that brings interaction, that is physical and doesn’t need technology to use it. This led to me to into researching into previous tools that have been used that were either designed to bring people together face to face, or tools that could potentially be used to create social communion.

My audience is quite diverse as it aimed at home owners, which can start from as young as 18 years and also reach out to the elderly. Through out resolving the research and development of designing the final tool, I will have to take careful consideration that the final tool will appeal to the large age range.

Here is a simple list of how I will go about the process of answering this brief

  1. Research into previous or current groups that promote or raise awareness of social communion
  2. Research into previous or current campaigns that have provoked change in an audience. (These campaigns can be directly or  indirectly related to the brief topic, as it will help to gain a knowledge of campaign techniques
  3. Research into previous tools or object that have or could potentially bring face to face social communion, that minus out the use of technology.
  4. Bring this research to some sort of resolve that will structure and reflect the design decisions in development of the final tool.
  5. Develop and create the final tool.


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