The Seven Deadly Sins

Today we looked into how people visualise data in a clear way to tell a story by methods such as bar charts, scatter graphs, pie charts, cartography and mind maps.

From this session it’s clear to see that this has been a fundamental way of communicating since cave men used imagery to visualise their huts. But it wasn’t until Florence Nightingale’s ‘Diagram of the causes of Mortality in the East’ where people began to gather data in such a way. Using charts and diagrams to show information.

Florence Nightingale


After all of this background stuff we were told to choose a word and use it as the start for a mind map to see whether this method is actually useful; I chose sweets.


Personally I really like mind maps and find it a good way to get initial ideas out, it allows me to look at what I have and begin to think outside of the box, although this mind maps isn’t exactly the greatest and for a subject like sweets I really don’t think that it could go very far. I still think that I’ll begin my project in this way.

The next task lead on from Jessica Hagy’s Seven Deadly Sins diagram. She had created a web with seven points which were all connected with lines, each point represented a sin and each line represented what they would create, for example, Lust and Gluttony makes edible undies. I really enjoyed this diagram as I have never really seen on like it before. So, we were given a list of the Seven Deadly Sins and told to create a diagram in anyway to map them. For the first few minutes I was like oh dear where do I start but then decided to try the web idea, as I’ve never tied it before and new things are always good. I began with listing the sins:

Lust, Gluttony, Pride, Sloth, Greed, Wrath, Envy… and now Sweets so my web actually has 8 points.

This then got me thinking about how I could perhaps create an image using the points to represent on of the sins. A couple of quick doodles later and it seemed that 8 points is perfect for a heart (LUST). Then It was time to start trying to work out my own meanings and links, this was the hard bit but it worked and I’m really pleased with the results that I got in such a short space of time.

The Heart Shape


The Final Diagram:




A- Lust, B- Gluttony, C- Greed, D- Sloth, E- Wrath, F- Envy, G- Pride, H- Sweets

AB – Chubby Prostitute, AC- Sex Addict, AD- Premature Ejaculation, AE- Sadomasochist, AF- Teenage Boy, AG- Escort.

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