Counting Sheep/Counting Sleep

We were given a task in groups to find data on a subject. Our subject was ‘Sleeping patterns of a student’.

We began by going around the classroom and asking fellow students on an average night how many hours sleep they got, the data was recorded and then the ideas started to come. The group talked about what things represented sleep such as the letter ‘Z’, pillows and clouds but we settle on sheep as the best option, it’s more fun and we could have fun making them.

After buying two huge bags of cotton wool balls we got to work on making our sheep. Each total was worked out as a percentage and each sheep was made out of that many balls, e.g., 1%, 1 ball… The smallest was in fact 1 ball and the largest 70.





Originally we wanted to lay them outside on the grass as if they were in a field but this being England it hammered it down and had to resort to the grubby carpet in the hallway!


This was then made into a graph…


Group Work

This mini brief had a very restricted time frame and I think if I were to do it on my own the out come wouldn’t have been so inventive. I found that for a task such as this one working in a group speeded up the process. All of us contributed ideas and thoughts on the subject which meant that we had our idea relatively quickly and could set to work on getting the materials and graph made.

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