Part Pro Forma

What topical areas are you interested in focusing on?

I am really interested in looking into penguins and how there feeding patterns and population have changed due to climate change. I personally have had a great love for penguins from an early age and with global warming being a massive issue in current society around the world it means the topic is current and relatable rather than just plucking anything from the air.

What excites you?

Basically, anything penguin related from actual real life penguins to Pingu to socks with penguins on to the word penguin. No-one understands my ridiculous obsession with the wonderful creatures, funny thing is I hate fish and birds and well, they’re just fish and birds mixed together.

Don’t get me wrong I am excited by a lot of other things like the colour orange and David Attenborough and a shed load of arty related things but I really do love info-graphic pieces. So this brief is quite exciting for me.

What do you want to know/tell more about?

I think people don’t really understand the effects of global warming and just palm it off as yeah yeah whatever, to be honest I have to agree sometimes, I mean there’s nothing worse than a man in a really dodgy suit talking at you about a subject that doesn’t particularly interest you. YAWN! What I want to do is make people aware of what his happening without bombarding people with a ‘shed load of data’ on everything, I have chosen penguins as my core subject as I want to know more about my favourite thing and come on who doesn’t think penguins are cool?

http:// - The Penguin Dilemma…


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  1. Good to see you structuring your thoughts around the key themes of the pro forma. It’s lovely to read your enthusiasm for the subject but keep your writing academic: discussion, analysis and reflection. You’re attempting to communicate a complex and difficult problem (global warming) told through the data patterns of penguins. Keep that as your focus. The tone of voice may be light and direct but your critical reflection needs to be able to articulate why you are choosing to communicate in that way.

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