Ok, so I’ve just done my presentation and personally I think it went terribly. Never before have I done it and my nerves got the better of me, I basically ended up talking really fast about how much I like penguins but then again I did get across what I am trying to do and some outcome ideas that I’d like to try.

From this I think that I need to work on my confidence and not go off track, presentations need to flow and mine did until I got a bit carried away. I know this for the future and can put Matts feed back into use.

I have a clear idea of what kind of data I want to use but I really need to think about my final outcome. I have thought about making my own globe and using that to show my findings, this way people can connect with it easier but depending on what information I receive this couldn’t work. 2D posters aren’t new and exciting but they work, it’s easy to visually show data in this way. 3D russian doll style penguins have also been considered, each would be in height order with a few fun facts. I do like this idea but right now I haven’t found a way to make it work for the data I want.

Anyway, it’s time to send an email back about these ‘penguin secrets’ and see whether this could work.

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  1. Good to see you reflecting on your presentation. It’s never as bad as you think (the presenter is usually critical of their own performance). We are not assessing you on your performance but on your research and critical awareness so it is a ‘safe’ place to try things out and not worry about messing up and failing. It will be important to see your correspondence but you may have to black out any sensitive data.

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