Pro Forma Problems

Because my research isn’t going to great right now I am struggling to continue working through my Pro Forma which is an absolute pain… On the upside, I have an answer to one question.

What stories have to found so far?

Well, I have found a penguin that is a Colonel-in-Chief! How impressive is that. Sir Nils Olav is a king penguin currently residing at Edinburgh zoo (yes you’ve guessed it, that’s my next destination) who was in fact knighted in 2008.

I don’t want to ramble on but basically this super cool penguin was given role as mascot of Norwegian guard and from there on has moved up the ranks…

1982- Corporal
1987- Sergeant
1993- Regimental Sergeant Major
2001- Honourable Regimental Sergeant Major
2005- Colonel-in-Chief 

It’s safe to say that he is one important penguin… Seeing this though I’m awfully curious as to how long a penguin lives for?

It appears that in captivity they can live up to 30 years!

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  1. the interesting facts could become a red herring for you and has limited scope. I would leave this and focus on climate change and declining penguin numbers.

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