Reflection – Task One

I previously discussed my presentation and how I felt it went, I spoke about how I rushed through it and went off point at times which has been clarified in Matts feedback. He also gave me points on how I can improve my blog by picking out flaws and leaving constructive comments. Things that stood out to me were; (1) I am to conversational on my blog, (2) I don’t use enough critical language, (3) I don’t reference my images enough, (4) There is little evidence of discussion and debate.

Action Plan

  • Use more description
  • Carry out much more thorough research
  • Discuss my subject in more depth by referring to research and being more critical with what I find
  • Write in a more formal manner
  • Use tags
  • Critically work through the current blog and make necessary changes in response to Matts feed back


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