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Unfortunately my primary source has not been in contact again and so I have began to look into secondary research which I can use for my info graphic. The thought of being able to have exclusive primary research was extremely exciting and naturally with the lack of communication and change of mind this has dis-heartened me and with us being so far into the project I feel that it’s too late to rely on finding someone else who would be willing to work with me.

However, I have been looking to find some secondary data and whilst I was doing this I found an interactive info graphic that is great. It’s called ‘If all the melted’ and allows the viewer to click on continents to see how the coastline will change once the ice melts, also a small amount of information comes up alongside the image. This ties in well to my idea, which is to create an info graphic about climate change using penguins as it’s focus and so melting ice is a huge part of this.

If all the ice melted




It’s really scary to see what can happen, it’s something reading it but actually being able to see the effects opens your eyes.

I think that this info-graphic is extremely effective. It allows the viewer to explore the design and although the amount of typed up fact is very little it’s still hard hitting and easily understandable.

This was found at –


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