Information Graphics

Existing info-graphics on climate change

The example below is from it focuses on the effects and contribution the U.S has to climate change. The design has a clear hierarchy which leads the eye across the page with little confusion. There is small amounts of text and a lot of simple imagery which I like, it makes the image more fun and understandable, the reader is not over faced with information. Each piece of data is surrounded by empty space isolating it from other bits of information. The colours are simple greys but by adding bursts of colour for the flag it grabs your eye and immediately makes the reader want to know more. I find this design affective.



Below is a simple graphic from It’s a simple interactive map for educational purposes, when you click on each of the images a small amount of information appears. It’s not exactly well designed and unique but it does the job.


Here there is a lot more text than in the previous designs but like the U.S Climate Change image it has a clear hierarchy, bursts of colour, simple images and space.



Animals Information Graphics

‘How we’re endangering animals’ is an info-graphic showing how animal populations are declining due to various factors such as poaching and habitat loss but also looks at climate change and how it’s affecting animals. It states that penguin populations have declined by 60% since 1960, so I now know that climate change has negatively impacted the birds I can be sure to gather the data that I want.

The design of the poster is very digital, I like the use of colour but find it hard to follow in some places. There is a lot going on and everything is everywhere. The viewer is bombarded with a lot of images, text and data along with colour and patterns. However, it is affective. The type is easy to read and uniform throughout, the images are simple and the colours are muted.


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