Brendan Dawes

Yesterday I went to the Brendan Dawes ‘dot dot dot’ exhibition. In a lot of is work he uses data and uses it in a creative way. The lecture itself was a great insight into how he got where he is today, he discussed his journey throughout design in an energetic manner which made me engage completely.

Once the talk had finished we headed down to his exhibition, I have to say that ‘The Happiness Machine’ was one of my favourite parts. This piece was a small, 3D printed box that was linked to Twitter, when you pressed the button supposedly a happy ‘tweet’ would print out, however this wasn’t the case all the time. My favourite said ‘I feel happy when my yoga teacher touches me to adjust my pose during class’. There was a number of other small machines that you could interact with such as, ‘Box of Tweets’ and ‘Mechanical Fuzzy Weather Machine’ which were also great to have a play with. Not only were there these 3D printed machines but the exhibition included some of his printed works, there were huge data visualisations on the wall that he had done with EE.

Overall, the talk and the exhibition were thoroughly enjoyed, and of course the free wine went down well.










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