I want to make a campaign against advertisements for cosmetic surgery by focusing on the affect that this can have on young people and children.

Lush – Animal Testing 

This was a campaign set up by cosmetics company, Lush. It’s aim was to get people to sign a petition to ban animal testing in the cosmetics industry.

They used a young female actress to demonstrate the horrific acts that are performed on animals daily. This was placed in a shop window and lasted the whole day, ending in the woman dying, put into a bin bag and left on the street as rubbish (of course they didn’t really kill her).

A common reaction from passers by was shock, once they were told what it was about the majority rushed to sign up to the petition. When watching the video many people seemed to be saddened by what they were seeing, there were even grown men crying.

This demonstration appeared to be extremely effective, it was shocking and to the point. It succeeded in doing what it set out to achieve.




#NOMAKEUPSELFIE – Cancer Research UK

This wasn’t a campaign that was set up by Cancer Research UK but was stated over facebook. People would take a picture of themselves wearing no makeup (women), donate money to the charity and then nominate their friends to do the same.

A lot bad press came from this initially, people didn’t really understand what it was about, it wasn’t until the charity stated that the amount of donations within 24hours of this sweeping through social media had risen dramatically. People soon realised that this was actually doing some good, even celebrities joined in.

So far £8 million has been raised, whether you agree with the charity or not, this campaign worked!



AD Busters

Ad busters are a collective of artists, students, writers, activists, educators and pranksters that challenge power and want to change the way we live in the 21st century.

They have done a number of continuous campaigns aimed at involving the public, making them aware of the corruption the world is under encouraging them to join in and make a stand.

Buy Nothing Day -

Until we challenge the entrenched values of capitalism – that the economy must always keep growing, that consumer wants must always be satisfied, that immediate gratification is imperative – we’re not going able to fix the gigantic psycho-financial-eco crisis of our times.” (source:

This campaign is to encourage people to buy nothing for 24 hours on a certain day that includes over 60 countries. This is an international demonstration targeting consumerism and capitalism. Not only do they call for people to participate in this event but also suggest putting up poster, organise a zombie walk and even ‘buy nothing christmas’.

Everything that we buy as consumers effects the environment but people don’t think about this and that is something they want to change.



Occupy -

Occupy Wall Street is a massive world wide protest against the influence of huge corporations, inequality, greed and corruption focusing mainly on the financial sector. First started in September 2011 the campaign is known world wide and has been copied time and time again, for instance Occupy London. The success of this is massive as the cover in newspapers and the news has been phenomenal, there can’t be many people that haven’t heard of this.

Not only do Ad Busters use demonstration in their campaigns but spoofs on advertisements are a huge part. This is where they take existing advertisements used by huge corporations and change them. For example the play on Absolut Vodka or Big Mac Attack.







Design Ideas

Creating Collage

I have always enjoyed creating collages, I like the creepy, surrealist feeling you can achieve with this technique and I believe that this method could be perfect for the project I intend on producing.

Below are three examples that I have done today, each is focused on corrupting a childs innocence. They’re slightly creepy even if I say so myself.




This last one is my favourite, I feel that it is the most effective of the three. It’s surreal, eye-catching and creepy without so much type just the one word is enough. It makes a statement and fills it’s purpose.

Bidding for Barbies

I want to try and make more creepy things so I have decided to try and do some experimenting with dolls. These creepy little things still freak me out today and therefore I am currently watching some naked Barbie dolls on Ebay.


Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 16.25.08


Eduardo Recife

A designer that I have always admired is Eduardo Recife. He creates surreal collage like pieces that use a number of different medias.

Recife’s designs more often than not have a vintage feel, which I believe makes things instantly become much more trusting although he often defaces the subjects features by overlays, doodles and manipulation. The images are all visually striking and rememberable.





I have searched for collage on Behance with the aim of finding similar pieces to what I have above hoping to find other designers who have distorted faces.

I have come across these images by Sergey Vlasov. These both are similar to what I am wanting to create.




Oscar Verona – Spain



Alma Haser - Cosmic Surgery


These images below are from a project based on cosmetic surgery. Each photo was taken, printed and then created an origami piece from the person faced. This model was then placed on the subject and the same photo was taken again.

All of these photographs have a uniform feel to them. Each have a milky filter and are taken in a family portrait style, which I think produces a sense of trust, kind of like what you get from looking at a family picture album.

Lilly and Anastasia









Thursday 27th March

So, since the presentation I have felt completely lost with where I am going and of course this has meant that I have been putting off doing work. Researching happiness has been really dull, and I feel that if I begin finding the subject dull the outcome will reflect this.

Last week I began another mind map to try and narrow down the topic. This lead to thinking about drugs. As of yet I have not conducted any research into this but I had the thoughts of perhaps creating an outcome that reflects the effects of recreational and/or prescription drugs on peoples happiness.

However, in the tutorial I discussed this idea and the struggles that I have come across since beginning this project and that I still do not know where I am going.

Whilst talking to James, he took me back to my initial thoughts and ideas about peoples happiness in cities. I spoke about how I appreciate all the random things and ordinary things in any situation, I make an effort to enjoy my surroundings and that fact that people don’t do this really confuses me. Maybe I could use this as a guide? How could I make people appreciate normal everyday things that people see that often they don’t even notice?

Tutorial Notes


So, over the next few days I intend to narrow down my focus, re-write my brief and have some direction in where I am heading.

Project focus

After researching into the affect that cosmetic adverts have on young people I have decided to use this as my main focus. The fact that these companies/surgeries prey on young woman and even send them texts offering consultations for procedures on their up-coming 18th birthdays is just mad!

I feel that people need to be aware of the impact that this is having on young girls. “Girlguiding UK found that 47% of girls said that the pressure to look attractive was the most negative part of being female and half of young women aged 16 to 21 would consider cosmetic surgery” (source). Children this young should not be thinking about this kind of thing, they should be enjoying their childhoods not thinking about major surgery to ‘improve’ themselves.

There needs to be some sort of rules put in place to stop these surgeries preying on young or vulnerable people, if not a ban of advertising all together. Of course advertising is not the only reason that people feel pressured but it’s a huge part.

People forget about the fact children that are seeing these things and how it’s going to stick in there mind, the companies don’t though and that is disgusting, they want to warp young people into thinking that this is a ‘must’ or the ‘norm’ so that when they are 18 they will fork out money for the rest of their lives.


Okay, so I for my final idea outcome I want to remind people that innocent children are being targeted. I want to shock the audience, attack the ad campaigns and make people remember what they have seen. I intend to create a piece that is entirely visual, some times less is more.

Techniques to try?

- Collage

- Mash ups

- Photography

- Illustration


Banning Advertising

It appears that a huge number of people and companies want the government to take action on the advertisement of cosmetic surgery.

Below is a petition calling the UK government to end plastic surgery ads (source: where members of the public can sign up.

Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 14.16.40



Plastic Surgery in the Media

We’ve all seen the adverts at the back of glossy magazines or on T.V, advertising aesthetic plastic surgery, and they’re always perfectly placed. Magazines are full of young, beautiful, airbrushed celebrities, we flick through seeing these ‘unrealistic’ images believing that this is how they really look, not to mention the pages where they ALWAYS pick up on someones cellulite or knee wrinkles, these teamed together can really effect peoples self confidence especially young teenage girls who are the typical readers of these mags. So, of course these ‘surgeries’ have filled the back page with adverts to get liposuction or bigger breasts, some (if not most) even offer two for one deals or a free photo shoot to drag you in.


This image below (source: is an advertisement used my plastic surgeon Dr. Kim. It’s uses Michelangelo’s ‘Creation of Adam’ and is placed on the ground floor next to a lift, a lift that goes to his surgery.


This ad uses Disney character like images and the slogan ‘We make fairy tales come true’. I think that this is a very clever way to advertise plastic surgery, I mean who doesn’t trust Disney and who doesn’t want to look like on of those perfect Prince and Princess’.  Of course the woman portrayed is Ariel (The Little Mermaid), in the story she was granted a spell where she could become human but only if she gave up her voice, but here is shows her rushing to the surgeons table where her tail remains. It’s a bit disturbing!

This is from Venezuela (source:


I believe that advertising on aesthetic cosmetic surgeries need to be stopped, and it’s not just me. An article on the BAAPS website (The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons) discusses that they want to ban adverts also, but that’s all down to the government. They make a point that this is MAJOR surgery and it should not me taken lightly,I think this is all something that we forget.

The government’s review into the sector is underway so this is an ideal time to take action. Posters in the Underground and on the sides of buses, billboards, TV and social media ads promoting cosmetic surgery have become ubiquitous, with no consideration for the psychological repercussions on the children and teens exposed to them. This is compounded by the glamorising of young celebrities who appeal to this vulnerable age group, making it seem like undergoing aesthetic procedures – whether surgical or non-surgical – is aspirational and easy.” - BAAPS President-Elect Rajiv Grover

So, if the president of the BAAPS believes this then why have the government not taken action and stopped this? (source:

After a meeting with the General Medical Council to highlight their concerns, the BAAPS drafted the following restrictions and submitted them to CAP:

1. Prohibit all advertising aimed at the under 18s for example the use of young spokespeople such as celebrities that appeal to this age group
2. Prohibit advertising in public places where children can see these ads, such as posters, billboards, sides of buses and television
3. Prohibit all forms of discounted offers and financial inducements to encourage people having cosmetic surgery including seasonal incentives such as ‘New Year, new body!’, ‘Summer body’ surgical makeovers’, Christmas gift vouchers for surgery
4. Prohibit time limited offers e.g., ‘book by Friday!’
5. Prohibit targeting vulnerable specific groups such as divorced people, brides to be, women after pregnancy e.g.,’Divorce feel-good’ and ‘Mummy makeovers’ discount packages
6. Ban the principle of loyalty cards as inducement to have multiple or repeat procedures
7. Prohibit advertising for combined procedures as inducement such as two-for-ones and BOGOFs
8. Prohibit recruitment of patients for cosmetic surgery by agent, either in the UK or abroad, whether through publications or websites
9. Prohibit the use of pictures of models or ‘real life’ patients that raise unrealistic expectations from cosmetic surgery such as through the use of Photoshop
10. Prohibit advertising of money-off and discount vouchers such as Groupon as inducement for booking for surgery
11. Prohibit giving cosmetic surgery as prize in any shape or form
12. Prohibit encouragement of refer-a-friend schemes in return for discount on surgery”

The fact that these should even be concerns is sickening!

When I was looking at some examples I googled cosmetic surgery adverts and surprisingly this came up with pages after pages of sites wanting a ban, this included huge companies like Channel, the BBC, the Guardian and even the Daily Mail. Although to get to these I id have to scroll past a few links to providers and down the side there were a number of these sites offering all inclusive holidays in Turkey and have 3 treatments get the 3rd free.

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 12.36.45


Not only are there adverts everywhere but I have just come across this horribly designed website that tells you how to advertise your surgery! http:// It’s titled ‘How to Design a Killer Plastic Surgery Ad that Gets a Response’, I’ve not read it all but the parts I have are just bonkers. Of course the same rules apply throughout advertising but they aren’t for major surgery. It talks about using a headline such as “You Could Look 10 Years Younger – Tomorrow!” or using young beautiful woman and saying that these are the after shot of one of the patients. This in an American site but none the less, the same tactics are being used over here.