Design Research

The idea is to have the mp3 packaged in some way, it needs to be light and manageable but sturdy to ensure easy handling. After picking up the mp3s today they are very small so there could be many different ways in which I could package it.


Above are some pages from my sketchbook that I have been working it to jot down ideas for my final outcome. I thought about different types of packaging and different materials that it could be made of. This then lead me onto thinking about what types of packaging you would see on a train such as suitcases, coffee cups and shopping bags. I feel that this is an important part of my development as it will help make the packaging relevant to its surroundings instead of being completely irrelevant. I want all elements of the design to have a purpose. I now intend to look at the things that I have listed (old suitcases etc.) as well as existing packaging to see whether this is something that furthers my project and gives it more meaning and substance.

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