I have decided to look at a number of different types of packaging that can be found on trains to inspire my final outcome. I believe that this is an important part of my development as I want the design to be relatable to where it is.

Firstly, I decided to look at freight cars that are used by trains to transport goods. Often made from metal these are strong and sturdy ways to carry different things. On researching this there is surprising a huge number of types of these railroad cars, 35 in total. The ‘boxcar’ or ‘covered wagon’ is said to be the most versatile of all types of freights it’s used for a huge number of different types of goods and during both world wars has been used to transport soldiers. The design is said to be the most complex of all but it’s instantly recognisable as everyone has seen one of these. I like the shape of this design, I believe that if I could find a way to simplify the aesthetics it could work quite well as packaging.



Old suitcases are undoubtably fashionable at the moment. People are using them instead of modern ones, as well as using them as decoration in their homes, couples are using them to collect cards in at their weddings, and I’ve even seen dog beds made from them. They definitely have better aesthetic value than the new, more practical ones that we use more regularly. Suitcases are related with travelling and that is why I wanted to have a look at few to see whether I could use any aspects of their design in my final packaging. I like the metal clasps that they often have I think that this really does make things have a vintage more aesthetic rather than the use of padlocks or codes. Of course These are old and therefore are tatty and worn out but I like this look, I like how many of these old case are misshapen and the leather is often creased or cracked. Perhaps I could use these ideas in the development of my design?


Paper coffee cups are all over train stations and trains themselves. They’re biodegradable and light weight which makes them perfect for packaging. Associated with coffee, to then go and put an MP3 in it could be quite a surprise to unsuspecting passengers. The design is simple, easily reproduced and cost effective and so if this was project was being done on a large scale could be quite a good way in which to do so.

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