Final Idea


My final idea is to repackage mutilated Barbie dolls to highlight the dangers of aesthetic cosmetic surgery. I intend for the packaging to be very similar to the original ones used by the company themselves, this way it will appear friendly and familiar to the viewer, which should hopefully mean that the message will be hidden at first, it wont be until closer inspection that the viewer will realise the hard hitting and provocative meaning that the design has.


I already experimented earlier in this project with changing a dolls appearance to visualise the dangers of plastic surgery. This initial trial gave me the inspiration to develop it into a final design. I felt that the striking, unnerving look the Barbie now has really succeeded in trying to shock the audience, I just now need to think of other dangers that I can visualise in a very similar way to create a uniform and thorough project. I intend to look further into the dangers that these types of procedures can have and take note of any ‘horror stories’ that I come across. By doing this it could really help me find some devastating results that cosmetic surgery has left victims with. The reason for using such an icon is that Barbie is one of the most successful dolls and is known around the world by adults and children alike, they are well established children’s toys even though they are highly sexualised by men, woman and the media. The dolls often tend to be peoples inspiration for getting plastic surgery which is a strange thought, why would anyone want to look like a child’s toy? However, the fact that these dolls are a visualisation of ‘perfection’ and people want to look like them is quite handy, it means that by doing what I intend I am directly attacking the idealistic views modern day society has on peoples appearance and the very company that has helped this happen.

Not only will I be using the dolls in my final design but I intend on encasing them in packaging very similar to the boxes that Barbies already come in. I’d also like to give each a name, like the original dolls, for example; Malibu Barbie. The packaging will be colourful, bold and girly like what already exists, therefore it will be a subtle and confusing, the viewer will think that they are ‘normal’ Barbie dolls until they see it up close.

The fundamental aim of my campaign is to make people aware of the effects that advertising for cosmetic surgery is having of children and young people, so by using a child’s toy in packaging aimed at children the design is predominantly related to young people, mainly females. Although the contents itself may be considered not be suitable for children by many viewers who is to say that the original dolls are? They give girls from a very young age a warped image of what a woman ‘should’ look like without people saying anything.


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