Existing Packaging

Before I can move any further and begin repackaging my dolls I need to take a look at the existing Barbie boxes so that I can get an idea of their design as I intend on recreating the common features in my own this is a vital part of my journey.

Below are a few images of a wide range of the Barbie and friends collection dolls. It’s clear to see that every box, even the males are coloured in shocking pink, of course this makes sense, they’re aimed at young girls and it really grabs your attention. The almost sickly colour instantly draws your eyes to the product, which is something that I want to do. The name of the character is often shown in white meaning that this really stands out against the rest of the packaging and the type is bold, large and very feminine. Each doll has a different name, for example ‘Great Shaper Barbie’ and ‘Angel Face Barbie’, by doing this Mattel give each and everyone a new personality and appeal, this is something that I will adapt to give my dolls new personas that relate to dangers in cosmetic surgery.

All of the boxes are of a simple rectangular shape, which should be easy to recreate. Each of the more modern boxes includes is a clear ‘window’ exposing the contents of each package allowing the consumer to see instantly what the product has to offer.



Common Features:

- Vibrant Colours

- Large clear product name

- Clear window

- Personalised name

This has given me a better idea of what the existing packaging looks like. I can begin to design my own adapted design that relate to the dolls that I will exhibit.

I will now look at some dangers and problems that can come from having cosmetic surgery. This will aid me in renaming my manipulated dolls.


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