Barbie in Real Life

I’ve just come across this really interesting article in the Daily Mail. With the title ‘Bones so frail it would be impossible to walk and room for only half a liver: Shocking research reveals what life would be like if a REAL woman had Barbie’s body’ I was instantly intrigued.

The story talks you through what a Barbie doll would actually look like if it were scaled up into human proportions. The results are completely alien-like and very unrealistic, so basically Mattell’s visions of creating the ‘perfect woman’ have been squashed. There are a number of graphs and charts that compare the sizes to the US average as seen below.



The graphs released by, a site for locating mental health treatment centres in the U.S., aims to point out the outrageous physical characteristics of a doll seen for more than 50 years as a role model for girls.’

Although this doesn’t relate directly to my project which is primarily based around aesthetic cosmetic surgery, it is undoubtably interesting. I admittedly have been getting a little lost in the Barbie side of things, I need to concentrate more on what my outcome is aimed at.


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