5x Dissertation Ideas

Ideas for third year dissertation

  • Why is using sex in advertising so popular in the 21st century?
  • How can graphic design influence a persons mood?
  • How have new technologies altered the way in which we design?
  • An investigation into how Graphic Design has developed through time?
  • How does advertising influence children’s development?


The Creative Responses module as whole was throughly enjoyable. I was given a chance to create anything that wished. Being able to choose my own topic and write my own brief allowed me to learn new skills that I am sure will be helpful in the future. At times it was difficult to get past the initial research stage as the topic of happiness that I chose is a vast and complicated one, I did however learn that no ones knows what it actually is.

This project challenged me in many ways. I decided that I wanted to push myself and use techniques that I haven’t used before, such as using wood.

I am very pleased with the outcome that I have created. I believe that it fulfils its purpose. It is small, light, fun and witty, all things that I wanted to create. Having feedback from my peers helped a great deal, as I was unsure at first, but I have had a lot of positive comments on the final design. They understand what I was wanting to achieve from this which was extremely important.


Further Possibilities

The boxes themselves before opened are secretive. This was intentional so that people are intrigued to find out what is inside.

The initial idea was to have them handed out at train stations, more specifically in London if possible, purely because the train stations in that city are busy constantly. The trip to London with my peers really opened my eyes, I noticed that noone was smiling on any photography or video that I took during that day. This is where the idea stemmed from.

So, instead of having them handed out manually there could be a red emergency boxed attached to a wall where people who are feeling anxious or stressed could come and take one for themselves, still not knowing what’s inside.

It’s free and a surprise, if that doesn’t cheer you up before you even open it I don’t know what will.





Final Outcome

Here is the final outcome for my project based around happiness





The leaflet

Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 05.50.32

Information Poster explaining the campaign

Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 06.33.27




The boxes are made from 3mm wood that have been laser cut using a Trotec machine. By using this it allowed the edges to be smooth and precise, leaving them with a professional look. The decision to stain them brown was to give them a fully finished appearance, I felt that when they were their original colour they looked half completed. The box itself its small and light enabling easy transportation for the user. It is simple and therefore will appeal to a wide variety of people, not just males/females/young/old. All of the components can be found inside, where at the bottom underneath everything is a saying, this appears on all of the boxes.


The instructions inside is aimed to amuse the reader with the intension of them taking part and making the most of the product. This leaflet has been coloured yellow, not something that I would usually use but after doing a number of test pieces I felt that white was too plain. Yellow is associated with happiness (the smiley face). This was put together using Adobe Illustrator. The design choice to print this onto newsprint was related to the fact that newspapers are extremely comment things to see whilst travelling. I felt that using this would relate to the situation much better than a heavy stock.


This poster was a last minute decision. Styled in the same way as the leaflet that can be found inside the packaging this poster continues the projects theme.

Developing the Final Product

I developed my nets using InDesign which I then laser cut into 3mm plywood. The reason for this material choice is that it is light, easily transportable but yet still durable. 



It took a two attempts until I got the measurements perfect, this left me with a huge number of spare pieces. Once the sizing was right I continued to make 4 separate box nets which I could then piece together using a strong adhesive suitable for wood.

Box Front


Box Side


I was very happy with how well they turned out, I really like the burnt edges that were created by that laser cutting machines, I feel that it adds character and a more hand made feel.

Deciding what to put in the boxes was a hard task but I decided to work on some hand rendered type. I felt that this was suitable for feel that I was going for. It feels much more friendly and personal. Something that I believe would work well in the situation it is intended to be used for.

Before I could work on the type itself I needed to decided what to write and therefore took a look at inspirational quotes, quotes relating to travel and also quotes on happiness. Doing this helped me a great deal to decided what I wanted to include in my final packaging.

- The world isn’t perfect, but it’s there for us doing the best it can, and that’s why it’s so damn beautiful

- Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen

The two points above are the pieces of text that I was intending to include. They are calm, refer to the world and are up beat. Hopefully the user would agree.

I then took to working on how I wanted them to look. Below is what I ended up with.




This last one was something that I came across later. I didn’t feel that it was suitable for the purpose as there would be no control over who received the happy box.


Now I had an idea of how I wanted it to look I used both Photoshop and Illustrator to align the lettering and create a much more professional aesthetic. This was a vital part of my development as I wanted everything to look as perfect as it could.

Here are the results that I will use for my final design.

Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 05.42.47

Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 05.42.30


I am very happy with the look I was able to produce. Both are readable and relaxed, two things that were extremely important for me to achieve.




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‘When Taffy is hungry, Barbie feeds her bone treats. After eating, Taffy poops, and Barbie cleans up the mess with her pretty scooper and deposit the poop in the trash. This item comes with Barbie, Taffy, a bowl, bone treats, treat box, scooper, and trash can.’

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