Everything About One Thing

“Cultivating an environment conductive to research investigations is an important step in every designer’s professional development” - Jenn and Kenn Viscocky O’Grady, A Designers Research Manual Rockport 2008

This brief asks to focus on one topic that fits into any of the following themes, Globalism, Activism or Community. A number of seminars have so far introduced me to each area, but only slightly however, before going ahead and choosing a theme I feel it will be easier to narrow down a possible topic and after doing research on that I can then relate it to either of the three.

To being on finding a topic I have taken to doing a quick mind map where I jotted down initial thoughts, things I like or ‘Things That Are Pretty Decent’. I always find the process helpful when beginning a project, it allows me to see the words clearly, find links and think about where I can take it next.

The outcome was successful, I found a number of ideas that could easily be taken further. Once this was completed I asked a number of my peers to take a look and mark the topics that they feel could make a good project.





- Results -

Beards 5 dots

Grandads  4 dots

Clouds 3 dots

Coats 3 dots

Superstitions 3 dots

Dinosaurs 2 dots

Diamonds 2 dots

Rain 2 dots

Festivals 2 dots

Christmas Dinner 2 dots

Bedtime  1 dot

Warm things 1 dot

Socks 1 dot

Penguins 1 dot

Spooning 1 dot

Chocolate 1 dot

Wine 1 dot

Asking people to mark the subjects that they think could make an interesting result has helped me narrow down the topics greatly. There were 13 in total that did not receive any votes out of a possible 30 possibilities, although they may be interesting to me it is good to see what appeals to a wider audience. It is also interesting to see how different people are drawn to different subjects.

The next step is to look into the highest scorers in a bit more depth. This will hopefully open up a few opportunities that I can take further.


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