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The first curated by… event, It’s Nice That was held by James Cartwright who talked about the company. I myself follow It’s Nice That on various social networking platforms and was really looking forward to learning more about their aims and beliefs.

James discussed how they seek out eyeopening work based on the concept and ideas behind piece to allow various designers a platform to show their work. He talked about the best designers the they have featured throughout the year, some of which I have see, others which I have not.

Lucy Hilmer, Birthday Suits is a somewhat photographic diary of her body. She decided to take a photograph of herself semi-naked on each birthday, which was somewhat provocative, it makes you remember that this happens to everyone. I think that this project is beautiful in so many ways, and not just the message but the photographs as well, some are humorous and others serious. The second was Daniel Hashimoto who edited videos of his 3 year old son using CGI to give him super powers. It was funny and light hearted, I can see why James chose to show us this. Eleanore Pourriat, Oppressed Majority, is a show film created following a man who is experiencing harassment, just as woman do on a daily basis. The women are in charge, they shout crude things and even of the main character sexual favours. It is about role reversal and making a point. We only watched a short clip during the talk and so I decided to watch it when I got home. Cory Archangel’s ‘Working on my Novel’, is a book featuring other peoples tweets about working on their novels. Finally we saw Joan Cornella’s comics. These were not what you would expect to see. At first glance you expect the to be friendly mainly due to the childlike drawings and vibrant colours, however, on closer inspection they are somewhat morbid and rude! I quite liked it because of this, it plays with you.

James also spoke to us about his and his colleagues inspiration for Its Nice That. Some of these were This American Life, Haw-Lin, The Unilever Series, Weird Comics, Pocket and Pitchfork.

It’s Nice That create an annual that brings together some of the best works of the year. James Cartwright talked about how they see so many amazing projects that some get lost and forgotten about, they appear on twitter and are soon pushed down the page and not often seen, and so they use this annual to bring back the greatest designs. Not only do they create an annual but they also hold a yearly conference ‘Here’.

I forgot to mention that It’s Nice That are also behind Printed Pages, a magazine that I am familiar with. This, like the annual features inspiring pieces of work from a variety of diverse designers. I really like printed pages.

The event overall was inspiring, I heard a lot of new names and saw a lot of interesting work that I would like to look at again.

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