Concept Mapping

The concept map below aims to pin point important areas of research in a brief way, that highlights and focus’ on information that has interested me throughout the project. I aimed for the visual to be as concise as possible, by only selecting necessary points and elaborating only on the things that were going somewhere, or still are.

When doing this I found myself thinking too much about the layout and the overall aesthetic rather that the quality of information provided and so I had to take a step back and re-write points again separately which I then transferred digitally.

For the final visual I chose to group certain topics together, this way the information is much clearer and the topics don’t get confused. I like clean space and clean lines and therefore chose to use mostly black and white with a muted colour in the background for some simple illustrations, which I felt was needed to bring a bit of life to the page. A clouds appearance is usually thought of as clean and crisp and this is why I decided to used a serif font, Didot. However, the 10 in the background is Bodoni.

As before when I have been asked to complete a concept map, I have struggled and no found it particularly useful. There are other process in which I am more comfortable in using.

Concept map

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