This week we had individual tutorials. I used this time with Jo to discuss the research that I have already gathered in oder to determine which aspects were the most interesting and which had the most potential.

Using the concept map that I created, which focused on, The Morning Glory, The Cloud Buster, Lenticular Clouds and Cloud Harvesting. I went into depth with each topic and after some discussion found that perhaps the cloud harvesting was a dead end, PHOG already have branding and social media sites that appear to be successful and so I feel that there is nothing more to do on that which left it down to three options. I know that I want to create something that is interesting and not obvious, I want to stay away from creating an infographic on cloud formations etc I just need to decide on a way in which I could so that.

I found that this tutorial helped me narrow down my options, we talked about perhaps focusing on lenticular clouds, when speaking about these I found myself going into the most depth, I find them truly fascinating, the formations are amazing! Not only this but the link to UFO’s is also an appealing topic, Jo agreed.

Over the next few days I intend to investigate lenticular clouds in more depth, look into UFO sightings and the begin to develop an idea of what I want my final idea to focus on.

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