Eagle River CE3

Whilst looking into UFO sightings and experiences I came across a story about Joe Simonton, a man from Eagle River, Wisconsin. He claims to have been given ‘pancakes’ by three humanoids that appeared from a silver aircraft in April 1961.

The story says that Simonton was eating his breakfast when he heard some strange noises, that sounded almost jet-like, and so he went outside to investigate. He stood there and watched a disk shaped space craft land, open up and then saw as a alien creature came out. Joe then claims that he received a message telepathically to fetch the visitors a jug of water, not only this but he when he looked into the craft he saw another of these beings cooking ‘pancakes’ over a flameless cooker.

Joe Simonton gave this water to the aliens and in return they presented him with four of the pancakes hot from the stove. He described the pancakes of being around 3 inches in diameter and had small holes, he also stated that they tasted like cardboard. He did only eat one and the others then went off with the US Airforce where they were tested at the Air Force Technical Intelligence Centre. The test came back and they were simply made of flour, sugar and grease. There is a rumour that the wheat in the pancake is of an unknown type.

I know this isn’t particularly relevant to clouds as such but I really enjoy this story, it’s undoubtably better then the sightings that were actually lenticular clouds, so I thought I’d share it!

Oh yeah, apparently the aliens looked Italian!

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