Revisiting The Brief

The Research Bit

When doing a project I like to refer back to the set brief before designing a final outcome so that I can assure that all points are covered. I often look back throughout the research process but I don’t see any harm in exploring it again to make sure that my work is on point.

At the beginning of this project we looked into globalism, activism and community over three sessions, these are areas that our final topic should fit into. At the moment I feel that my topic could fit into globalism and/or community, depending on which route I follow. Not only this, but it must also fit into PEST (political, social, economical or technological), again this will depend on which area I decide to focus on in the next stage of development.


Clouds are a broad topic. During my journey I have slowly narrowed down the subject area into various different topics, that are all linked by clouds but are very different in their own ways. I have looked into a couple of these areas in more depth than others where I have uncovered some interesting information that I would have never known otherwise. I know now that I need to determine my focus and look through the research again to ensure that I know all that I can about that one area. However, I believe that I have successfully found specific areas that I have gone into depth with so far.

The Outcome Bit

The outcome must be a book, magazine or digital presence that includes both text and imagery! I need to ensure that my final topic will be suitable for at least one of these.

As of yet I have not begun developing anything as I have not chosen my final topic as such. However, I know that I need to do this very soon to make sure that it is completed to the deadline that has been set (14th Nov 2014).

‘Consider the relationship between text and image, layout, grid use, colour, hierarchy of information and typographic treatment.’ All of these are important points when designing anything and they are all something that I consciously look at when creating anything.

Final Submission

The final submission must include:

  • Strategy / Visualisation
  • Research and design development
  • Specifications / Grids
  • Final outcomes / Revisualisation

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