Developing Some Ideas

For my final outcome I aim to portray the idea of specific cloud formations commonly being mistaken for UFO’s. The inspiration for this came from the various eye witness accounts and stories that I have come across where members of the public have confused a lenticular cloud with an alien space craft.

The lenticular cloud usually forms in remote areas above or aside a mountain, this makes them unfamiliar to the majority of the worlds inhabitance and therefore, it is understandable that people could create an unlikely explanation to understand what they are seeing for instance in the earlier post The Myth of Mt Shasta. This post explored the story of the Lemurians, an ancient civilisation that took refuge in the mountain itself, creating tunnels and homes miles beneath the ground. It is common for Mt. Shasta to be wearing a lenticular cloud as a ‘hat’, but the explanation that I discovered was extremely elaborate, however, people believe this to be true. The clouds above this particular mountain are said to be cover for space crafts coming and going.

Whilst focusing on lenticular clouds I found a great deal of information on mistaken accounts where people have reported UFO’s that were later found to be clouds.¬†This area really interested me.

I knew from the beginning of the project that I didn’t want to focus on the obvious, I didn’t want to create some sort of infographic on cloud formations and so when I came across the lenticular cloud in particular I was instantly inspired.

Over the last few days whilst doing some final research I have been thinking about where I can take this project next. Admittedly I couldn’t see it going anywhere, other than a cheesy book about aliens or an infographic on lenticular clouds, however, today I have had a brain wave and began developing a couple of ideas that I feel would engage the audience.

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