Analogue or Digital?

Clouds appear to be popular in the home. Whilst looking for inspiration there have been many cloud related products featured on homeware sites, whether that be an illustration on a cushion or a set of selves. Obviously my outcome will have a very different function than to just be aesthetically pleasing. This, however, has reassured me that creating something that could perhaps be fixed to a wall would be something that people would want.

Anyway, I have been looking at various methods people have been using when creating these cloud installations, most have been digital. Of course we live in a digital age, everything we do revolves around electronic devises but sometimes it is nice to enjoy more simpler things. This though has provoked me to think about perhaps creating something that is not digital, for example, using a card shoe (like in a casino) that will be placed inside the cloud (instead of a computer) that contains already written cards. These can then be kept or placed back in for use again. Each card could maybe on the back have a small part of an image and when all cards have been removed could act as a jigsaw to picture one large image.

At the moment I am not fully decided which way that I would like to go and intend to look further into both to see how each could work effectively.

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