Interactive Design

In addition, several design implications for software related to social interaction and cultural inheritance are offered. It is concluded that the cultural characteristics of a society should be a key issue in developing interaction designs.

In today’s society technology has probably become the most important aspect in day to day life for many people. The growth of information and communication technology has impacted the way that communities interact and learn, with the internet now being the most used source for finding information (particularly in younger generations) it is to no surprise that people are now more attracted to buying a new shiny kindle than an actual book. This way of life has of course impacted the way in which communities connect, many people now hide behind a computer screen to talk to their friends, colleagues and relatives rather than meeting in person and now younger generations are not developing the essential skills that they need to have to interact in person. This interactive sense of a community has changed the meaning of the traditional meaning, there is a loss of direct contact, people don’t know their neighbours names but they are more than willing to have a friendship with someone who lives the other side of the world that they have never met.



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