Final Concept Map

The concept map below is a concise visual approach showing the research that I have so far conducted. I used it to highlight key areas and elaborate on possible focal points that have be of the most interest throughout this brief. I made a conscious decision to include a great amount of relevant points that were essential in order for my to narrow the broad subject of clouds down do something more manageable.

For the visual I made a decision to include a coloured background, this is something that I would not normally do and therefore wanted to experiment with the effects that this could have itself. Just this simple change made a huge difference, it is now much more eye catching and aesthetically pleasing. Having the blue background and white text almost suggests that the type is in fact representing clouds.

Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 01.28.20

Trip to the Peaks

For my magazine I decided that instead of using all sourced images that it would be nice to include some of my own, of course I can’t get any of lenticular clouds but the introduction that gives a brief insight into how clouds a formed will contain images of typical cloud formations. I went to Padley Gorge in the Peak District about an hour before sunset (mainly because of the rain) where I used my camera, iPhone and GoPro to take photos, time lapses and videos of the clouds.







Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 00.33.20


This week we had individual tutorials. I used this time with Jo to discuss the research that I have already gathered in oder to determine which aspects were the most interesting and which had the most potential.

Using the concept map that I created, which focused on, The Morning Glory, The Cloud Buster, Lenticular Clouds and Cloud Harvesting. I went into depth with each topic and after some discussion found that perhaps the cloud harvesting was a dead end, PHOG already have branding and social media sites that appear to be successful and so I feel that there is nothing more to do on that which left it down to three options. I know that I want to create something that is interesting and not obvious, I want to stay away from creating an infographic on cloud formations etc I just need to decide on a way in which I could so that.

I found that this tutorial helped me narrow down my options, we talked about perhaps focusing on lenticular clouds, when speaking about these I found myself going into the most depth, I find them truly fascinating, the formations are amazing! Not only this but the link to UFO’s is also an appealing topic, Jo agreed.

Over the next few days I intend to investigate lenticular clouds in more depth, look into UFO sightings and the begin to develop an idea of what I want my final idea to focus on.

Globalism and Globalisation

What is globalisation?

‘Globalisation is the process by which the world is becoming increasingly interconnected as a result of massively increased trade and cultural exchange. Globalisation has increased the production of goods and services. The biggest companies are no longer national firms but multinational corporations with subsidiaries in many countries.’ (

Globalisation is something that effects everything on earth, it is a global problem that cannot be solved locally in just one area. In today’s age many things are much more accessible and this is causing the world to be ‘westernised’. Countries, cities and villages are rapidly losing their identities and cultures.

What is westernisation?

‘Westernisation, is a process whereby societies come under or adopt Western culture in areas such as industry, technology, law, politics, economics, lifestyle, diet, clothing, language, alphabet, religion, philosophy, and values.’ (

It is evident that westernisation has become a huge part of life. I myself have been on holiday to a number of different places and seen business’ that are British or American, for example, Mc Donald’s is now a worldwide organisation, with it’s net worth being that of $61.95 billion and according to it is the 8th most valuable company in the world, the 1st being Mac. Being so valuable it is no wonder that Mc Donald’s and many other companies alike are taking over the planet. The power that these business’ hold is crippling the world.

The growth of these companies has undoubtably risen since the information age has began. With such things as the internet and mobile phones anyone person can reach another in any part of the world whether that be by e-mail or phone conversation with little hassle, of course this has united the world in one sense but this is stripping away the identity of it’s occupants. Cultures are dying, traditional tribes are vanishing and countries are beginning to all look the same. 

People are easily influenced by things around them regardless of what they like to think. However obvious it is that the western world is taking over the globe there are still factors of other cultures that influence us whether it be in lifestyle, fashion or religion. There is a huge trend at the moment in Britain for females to wear gems on their foreheads as if it were a bindi. Of course these girls or women have no idea what the bindi actually represents, it is just a piece of fashion jewellery to them, they do not understand that this form of expression is in fact a symbol that changes colour throughout the stages of life in Indian/Hindu culture. From this not only are we removing identities from countries but also religions and people. Something so significant to a culture has now been westernised by 15 year old girls.

Before looking into globalisation I was aware of the problem but I never really took the time to think about it, I guess ignorance is bliss. If globalisation and/or westernisation continues to get stronger everywhere will be the same, there will be no need to explore new places as there with be no new things to see.

5x Dissertation Ideas

Ideas for third year dissertation

  • Why is using sex in advertising so popular in the 21st century?
  • How can graphic design influence a persons mood?
  • How have new technologies altered the way in which we design?
  • An investigation into how Graphic Design has developed through time?
  • How does advertising influence children’s development?

Further Possibilities

The boxes themselves before opened are secretive. This was intentional so that people are intrigued to find out what is inside.

The initial idea was to have them handed out at train stations, more specifically in London if possible, purely because the train stations in that city are busy constantly. The trip to London with my peers really opened my eyes, I noticed that noone was smiling on any photography or video that I took during that day. This is where the idea stemmed from.

So, instead of having them handed out manually there could be a red emergency boxed attached to a wall where people who are feeling anxious or stressed could come and take one for themselves, still not knowing what’s inside.

It’s free and a surprise, if that doesn’t cheer you up before you even open it I don’t know what will.





Final Idea


My final idea is to repackage mutilated Barbie dolls to highlight the dangers of aesthetic cosmetic surgery. I intend for the packaging to be very similar to the original ones used by the company themselves, this way it will appear friendly and familiar to the viewer, which should hopefully mean that the message will be hidden at first, it wont be until closer inspection that the viewer will realise the hard hitting and provocative meaning that the design has.


I already experimented earlier in this project with changing a dolls appearance to visualise the dangers of plastic surgery. This initial trial gave me the inspiration to develop it into a final design. I felt that the striking, unnerving look the Barbie now has really succeeded in trying to shock the audience, I just now need to think of other dangers that I can visualise in a very similar way to create a uniform and thorough project. I intend to look further into the dangers that these types of procedures can have and take note of any ‘horror stories’ that I come across. By doing this it could really help me find some devastating results that cosmetic surgery has left victims with. The reason for using such an icon is that Barbie is one of the most successful dolls and is known around the world by adults and children alike, they are well established children’s toys even though they are highly sexualised by men, woman and the media. The dolls often tend to be peoples inspiration for getting plastic surgery which is a strange thought, why would anyone want to look like a child’s toy? However, the fact that these dolls are a visualisation of ‘perfection’ and people want to look like them is quite handy, it means that by doing what I intend I am directly attacking the idealistic views modern day society has on peoples appearance and the very company that has helped this happen.

Not only will I be using the dolls in my final design but I intend on encasing them in packaging very similar to the boxes that Barbies already come in. I’d also like to give each a name, like the original dolls, for example; Malibu Barbie. The packaging will be colourful, bold and girly like what already exists, therefore it will be a subtle and confusing, the viewer will think that they are ‘normal’ Barbie dolls until they see it up close.

The fundamental aim of my campaign is to make people aware of the effects that advertising for cosmetic surgery is having of children and young people, so by using a child’s toy in packaging aimed at children the design is predominantly related to young people, mainly females. Although the contents itself may be considered not be suitable for children by many viewers who is to say that the original dolls are? They give girls from a very young age a warped image of what a woman ‘should’ look like without people saying anything.


Final Idea

Sat here listening to a bit of my favourite music and had a complete brainwave. I have been thinking of ideas for weeks and well I have not been getting anywhere and in the 5 minutes I decided to sit and do nothing I had this idea which is still based on people appreciating their surroundings but relates back to my earlier thoughts around transport.

The idea is to have a number of MP3 players that are all full of relaxing music and noises. These will be packaged in a simple box and sealed, this also contains a set of instructions. The idea is to hand them out at Sheffield train station to people who are about to travel, but they aren’t allowed to open them until they have sat down.

The instructions -

Play loudly | Drown out all other noises | Sit back | Grab a coffee | Stare out of the window | Keep that phone in your pocket and your mac in your bag | See the world | Slow down and BE HAPPY.

What can you see? | Look at the trees, the animals and even the graffiti | Appreciate that 100 year old building with the smashed windows and barbed wire fence, it was beautiful once |

Of course this might not work, you know people probably wont read the instructions or play the MP3 but the intention is there, I could perhaps include a link to a questionnaire so they can let me know how if it helped them enjoy their day? You never know, some people like to help!

Anyway, I am very happy with this idea so I’m going to get designing.

I want something simple and environmentally friendly (cards/papers). I want it to be well made and intriguing. Little info on the box always makes people want to investigate!


Final Brief

Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 07.13.13


Promote happiness in a public space. Create an intervention that encourages the value of positive thinking. The communication should attempt to disrupt negative cognitive processes and suggest an alternative way of thinking. Consider how design could improve a persons metal state and general health.

There are many different ways in which happiness can be interpreted. You are required to gain an understanding of the psychology behind the topic.  Put yourself into a number of situations, do you feel any different? Was there anything that could have improved your experience? Collect this information in an organised manner, break it down and analyse it, this will keep focus and build a flowing project and effective outcome.

Use the findings from the research process to structure an outcome that is both effective and relevant to your target audience. Keep in mind who the design is aimed at and what it’s purpose is. Recognise how different uses of language, type and imagery can change the meaning of the message and use this to develop an outcome that is both powerful and engaging for the viewer.

Optimal Experience

The direction in which I am going links back to one of the very first things I looked at to begin the project, this being, optimal experience. As I documented before this is basically making the most of the situation by enjoying the most simple things even in the worst circumstances.

‘Flow, The Psychology of Happiness’ is a book that I have referenced previously. I have found this book extremely useful to date, and I believe that it relates greatly to the direction that I am heading. It talks about the struggles of Earth and the fact that humans take it for granted and forget that anything can happen at any one second, it hints at the fact that people think that they are in control of the world but in fact this is not the case.

Optimal experience can improve happiness, of course this is one persons theory but I agree and therefore by using this as a guideline along with David Shrigley’s work I feel that I can create a strong and meaningful project.