Trip to the Peaks

For my magazine I decided that instead of using all sourced images that it would be nice to include some of my own, of course I can’t get any of lenticular clouds but the introduction that gives a brief insight into how clouds a formed will contain images of typical cloud formations. I went to Padley Gorge in the Peak District about an hour before sunset (mainly because of the rain) where I used my camera, iPhone and GoPro to take photos, time lapses and videos of the clouds.







Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 00.33.20

5x Dissertation Ideas

Ideas for third year dissertation

  • Why is using sex in advertising so popular in the 21st century?
  • How can graphic design influence a persons mood?
  • How have new technologies altered the way in which we design?
  • An investigation into how Graphic Design has developed through time?
  • How does advertising influence children’s development?

Further Possibilities

The boxes themselves before opened are secretive. This was intentional so that people are intrigued to find out what is inside.

The initial idea was to have them handed out at train stations, more specifically in London if possible, purely because the train stations in that city are busy constantly. The trip to London with my peers really opened my eyes, I noticed that noone was smiling on any photography or video that I took during that day. This is where the idea stemmed from.

So, instead of having them handed out manually there could be a red emergency boxed attached to a wall where people who are feeling anxious or stressed could come and take one for themselves, still not knowing what’s inside.

It’s free and a surprise, if that doesn’t cheer you up before you even open it I don’t know what will.





Final Outcome

Here is the final outcome for my project based around happiness





The leaflet

Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 05.50.32

Information Poster explaining the campaign

Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 06.33.27




The boxes are made from 3mm wood that have been laser cut using a Trotec machine. By using this it allowed the edges to be smooth and precise, leaving them with a professional look. The decision to stain them brown was to give them a fully finished appearance, I felt that when they were their original colour they looked half completed. The box itself its small and light enabling easy transportation for the user. It is simple and therefore will appeal to a wide variety of people, not just males/females/young/old. All of the components can be found inside, where at the bottom underneath everything is a saying, this appears on all of the boxes.


The instructions inside is aimed to amuse the reader with the intension of them taking part and making the most of the product. This leaflet has been coloured yellow, not something that I would usually use but after doing a number of test pieces I felt that white was too plain. Yellow is associated with happiness (the smiley face). This was put together using Adobe Illustrator. The design choice to print this onto newsprint was related to the fact that newspapers are extremely comment things to see whilst travelling. I felt that using this would relate to the situation much better than a heavy stock.


This poster was a last minute decision. Styled in the same way as the leaflet that can be found inside the packaging this poster continues the projects theme.

Developing the Packaging

To begin I decided that I needed to find a font similar to the text used in the Barbie logo, I found a number of different ones but decided to opt for ‘Barbie MediumItallic’. I have experimented with this font using Illustrator, compared it to the original and it’s safe to say that they are identical.

The height of the average Barbie doll is around 12inch, I have checked and mine are the same, I also took a measurement of the widest part (hand to hand when arms are down) which was 4inch this was an important step so that I can establish what size my packaging needs to be.

I do not want too much excess room in the box itself as their is no need for this and therefore I feel that as long as there is an extra inch each way it will keep the design looking neat but will allow enough room to be easily accessible.

The packaging – 13inch height, 5inch width, 4 inch depth


Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 17.54.42

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 17.58.53

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 17.59.00

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 17.59.21 Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 17.59.14

Cosmetic Surgery and Teenagers

I came across an article that the British Association of Aesthetic Cosmetic Surgeons has shared on their facebook. Titled ‘Cosmetic Surgery and Teenagers – A Disaster Waiting to Happen’ the Guardian describes the governments lack of regularisation when it comes to plastic surgery, leaving the public in a dangerous position. The age limit of having cosmetic surgery is a grey area, you must be 18 but under that it is allowed with parental consent, however there is evidence to suggest that many practises will carry out operations without asking for proof of age.

‘Born into the sexualised womanhood of Girl Power, the millennials have come of age in a society increasingly inured to the exploits of the surgery-enhanced reality TV stars. Leah Totton, the Apprentice winner who used Alan Sugar’s money to set up cosmetic skin care clinics this year, says she has had to put a blanket ban on procedures for under-18s after one 14-year-old girl came into the clinic with her mother and asked for Botox.

In April last year, a report by NHS medical director Sir Bruce Keogh found that 41% of girls aged seven to 10 and 63% aged 11 to 16 said they felt some pressure to look the way celebrities do. Suggesting that surgery had become “normalised” in pursuit of a “designer” body, hHe called for tougher controls over who can offer treatments and how they can be marketed. The government ignored him.‘ (source:

This information is truly shocking, there is no doubt that the sexualised world we live in full of airbrushing and cosmetic procedures is effecting young children. It’s an upsetting thought, girls at the age of seven should be enjoying their youth and not worrying about their appearance. I strongly believe that something should be done to protect underage girls and boys alike.

The fact that the Department of Health are so lax on this issue is beyond me. It is technically legal to sell and buy things such as dermal fillers over the internet, and of course these can come from anywhere and go to anyone. In recent years I have seen a number of things on T.V and in magazines that tell the story of someone who has put themselves in a terrifying situation and bought these products, the consequences were devastating. The ignorance of the government is unacceptable, it appears that everyone including large companies and the British Association of Aesthetic Cosmetic Surgeons are aware of the problem that the UK and western world have with the effect of the media has on a childs perception of beauty, but still they are being ignored.

The Dove Self Esteem Fund is a great example of a huge international company that is trying to tackle the problems in modern day society. They have created a series of videos that relate to self-esteem, perceptions and cosmetic surgery, often relating to young girls. These videos are quite hard hitting and powerful.

A dove film – Girls self-esteem

A dove film – Beauty Pressure http://

The beauty pressure commercial hits the nail on the head. It sums up my entire project. It’s one of the most powerful adverts that I have ever seen. The message ‘talk you your daughter before the beauty industry does’ is something that relates directly to what I want my outcome to say/achieve.


Final Idea

Sat here listening to a bit of my favourite music and had a complete brainwave. I have been thinking of ideas for weeks and well I have not been getting anywhere and in the 5 minutes I decided to sit and do nothing I had this idea which is still based on people appreciating their surroundings but relates back to my earlier thoughts around transport.

The idea is to have a number of MP3 players that are all full of relaxing music and noises. These will be packaged in a simple box and sealed, this also contains a set of instructions. The idea is to hand them out at Sheffield train station to people who are about to travel, but they aren’t allowed to open them until they have sat down.

The instructions -

Play loudly | Drown out all other noises | Sit back | Grab a coffee | Stare out of the window | Keep that phone in your pocket and your mac in your bag | See the world | Slow down and BE HAPPY.

What can you see? | Look at the trees, the animals and even the graffiti | Appreciate that 100 year old building with the smashed windows and barbed wire fence, it was beautiful once |

Of course this might not work, you know people probably wont read the instructions or play the MP3 but the intention is there, I could perhaps include a link to a questionnaire so they can let me know how if it helped them enjoy their day? You never know, some people like to help!

Anyway, I am very happy with this idea so I’m going to get designing.

I want something simple and environmentally friendly (cards/papers). I want it to be well made and intriguing. Little info on the box always makes people want to investigate!



In order to further my research and guarantee that I produce a thorough outcome I decided to take another look at the brief and analyse keys points to help direct my development. Being familiar to a brief is a massively important part of any project to ensure that all needs are met and to the greatest standard.

The final design outcome will be shown in an exhibition space that is 1.5m in width x 3m tall (wall), and 1.5m x 1m (floor). The design can be digital/screen based, printed or a physical construction, as of yet I have not considered making anything physical but maybe this is something that I could look into?

“This exhibition and your work will provoke its audience to consider hidden perspectives and questions. It should be challenging, provocative and enlightening to them.” This is something that I took great care of trying to achieve, there is no doubt that my topic ‘Cosmetic Surgery’ is a provocative one now it just depends on my outcome and that’s where I’m stuck.

I decided to take a closer at the exhibition space to get a feel of what I have to play with.


After this I gave my self ten minutes to develop an initial idea to get me started.


I did this to kick start the design process. I ended up developing an idea that I had very early on in the project. This idea is to use photographs of people both male and female and remove their faces (identities). This initial idea stemmed from the thought that if the majority of the pubic began having aesthetic cosmetic surgery noone would look like themselves and it would end up being some creepy Stepford Wives situation. I then took this and attempted to come up with some ways in which I could use it in the exhibition space. One ideas was to make a kind of game out of it by placing the faces on a shelf below where the viewer had to then guess who it belonged to. This is one way in which I could make the space interactive but as of yet a lot more idea generation needs to be done. None the less, this really helped me.

I then decided to see what this might look like and took a hideous ‘#nomakeupselfie’ and manipulated it using photoshop. This was very quickly done and would need a lot more work.

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 12.58.32

A few more ideas I have looked at since this…





Dolls are some of the freakiest things ever, but they’re often considered to be youthful, maybe that because they’re children’s toys. The weird thing is that Barbie dolls, one of the most popular toys for young girls is one of the most sexualised images of today. There are so many girls who model themselves on an unrealistic version of the ‘perfect woman’. People trust things that they grew up with and the fact that they are childs toys made me think of some ways that I could use this in my final outcome.

As previously discussed (briefly) in a past post I bought some Barbie dolls from eBay. They arrived in rapid time but sat in a draw where I hid them because they freak me out. Anyway, yesterday I decided that I was going to manipulate the dolls/change their look somehow in a way that could perhaps represent the dangers of plastic surgery.

Below is an image that I took of one of the dolls. As you can see I melted one of it’s breasts. The thoughts behind this was that ‘boob jobs’ are one of the most popular kinds of aesthetic surgery, I know very few women who haven’t considered it (from my generation anyhow) and so I thought that damaging this part of the doll could perhaps represent a rupture of the implant after surgery or a severe infection. I did this in my back yard which was particularly awkward when my neighbour came out and watched me taking photographs of them in all sorts of positions, admittedly I felt like a huge creep.

However, I like the results from this, I think that this could be a possible direction in which I could take when developing my final outcome for the campaign. Once put into context with a number of other materials this could be a disturbing and rememberable design.

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 00.11.10

Looking at this is making me think about perhaps playing on the Transform advertisements that I recently looked at. I could maybe use the dolls/people/illustrations/collage as a case study, either using the ‘story’ idea but using a horror story as the basis, this way I am directly attacking a brand/company that is known nationally. The other option is to use the first adverts idea, having people hold their stories on cards, this means that I could use a variety of figures. By directly attacking existing commercials it will provoke feelings and reactions from viewers, hopefully they would understand what I am trying to achieve and the reasons behind the designs. Like the Ad Busters campaigns against Mac Donalds and Absolut I will use a brand as my target instead of randomly creating something, this will give my campaign direction and overall purpose.

The effect that this has on young people and children is just a small part of the problem but it is the part that I am most interested in but I need to think about how I could convey my message in a clear but clever way. However, targeting the horror side of cosmetic surgery is also still an option, like what I tried to do in the Barbie image above.

The outcome essentially is to educate people about the facts but the overall target is to have this type of advertising regulated or even banned altogether.

What’s next?

I’m going to look back at some articles that have been released by The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons that talk about advertising and how they feel about it. Previously it appears that they have the same views as myself along with many huge companies, however they are being ignored by government. By looking at these articles again it will enforce my topic, my direction and my outcome, it will hopefully inspire me with new ideas and possibilities.

Not only do I intend to carry out some more research but I want to have a good knowledge of how exhibition space can be utilised to it’s full potential. I will visit galleries and use the internet to do so. Hopefully by doing this I will have a greater understanding into what I could try out.

Once I have done this I intend to have some idea in what it is I am wanting to create. By the end of this week I aim to have a final outcome idea and begin designing my space confidently.


Enjoy Life More

New thought; relating to making people appreciate and notice their surroundings (the Obey sticker campaign) I could in turn provoke people to enjoy life more… How I could do this I don’t know yet but it could be cool.

Reasons behind this idea

Back to the London trip and there I noticed how grumpy everyone seemed, how people weren’t taking notice of where they were and that everyone appeared to be stuck in this hectic lifestyle of work, transport and deadlines (if I’m right then how could they not be moody). So, this has made me think about how I could get people to slow down sometimes, how if you don’t have your phone glued to your face you’re not going to miss anything and how much nicer the world is when you actually look at it.

The world in my opinion is an amazing and beautiful place filled with beautiful and amazing things, no two places are the same, but too many people get stuck in a loop so they forget about how lucky they are to have the privilege to be where they are.

Everyone has so much going on but I want people to rebel against the hectic life style that everyone has adopted world wide.

It’s off the subject of happiness slightly but by making people enjoy their surrounding more this will in theory provoke a sense of joy and happiness.