The Manchester City Rebrand

Over the Christmas period, Manchester City Football Club announced a new logo, to fit into the overall brand of the City Football Group.


The new logo for MCFC, from 2016, alongside the logo for the CFG

This design initially stood out to me for the clear recognition of a previous badge which had been in use for 30 years, up until the late 90s, which shows that despite the club being one of the most progressive & forward thinking clubs in the country, they are still willing to return to their roots & acknowledge their history.


The Manchester City badge from 1972 until 1997

Alongside this, the new branding also allows the club to recognise their part within the wider identity of the City Football Group. They have used the defining features & style of each area to create three unique logos, whilst still sticking to the same template which unites the three as a collective. The house style is continued within the clubs localised advertising, with the same typefaces & colour schemes used within their merchandise, social media and the interior & exterior designs of their stadia.


The logos for New York & Melbourne

The CFG are slowly building up a slight dominance within top-level football, and it is respectable that they have clearly put a large effort into the marketing of their four clubs. The clean and consistent branding of their multiple ventures is definitely ahead of any other within sports, and I am interested to see whether any other top football clubs will eventually react with a new marketing campaign of their own.

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