First Stage Bibliography for my Statement of Intent



Hische, J.  (2015), In progress, 680 Second Street, San Francisco, Chronicle Books.

This publication about Jessica Hische’s work is great as it shows off all her amazing work and the progress of it, as said in the title. Which is really helpful and I would say she is one person who inspires me as I love sketching type (hand-lettering).

Middendorp, J. (2012), Hand to Type: Scripts, Hand-Lettering and Calligraphy. Berlin, Gestalten.

This is a book all about handwritten type which I’m looking through at the moment and is showing to be really helpful as these styles are what I am interested in developing my skills in.

Wang, S. (2012), Mini Graphics 2: Maximum impact in a mini format. Barcelona, Promopress.

This book is full of mini packaging designs that would be useful for all my professional work like my portfolio, mailer etc. and is something I want to research and explore more into.

  Graphic: 500 designs that matter, (2017), London, Phaidon Press Limited.

I want to read this design book as it relates to my interests in graphic design and I believe it will help me with future work.

Scott dadish (2017, febuary 10). Abstract ‘the art of design’.

This is an original documentary on Netflix talking about all things design, there are quite a few episodes but I am most interested in the illustration and graphic design episodes, and this is something I am hoping to watch in the near future to give me more knowledge in these areas.


Luxe, (2014), Luxe Branding co.

Luxe is a branding company which I came across online and after looking at some examples of their work I really loved their style. This has come in handy for the pricing of how much on average it costs to get someone to create your brand identity and overall there style and professionalism will help inspire my professional side whilst at university.

Walker, S. (2017), The design journal, Research in Graphic Design. 

The research section in this design journal I thought was an interesting read as research is a huge part of my projects so reading this article was very informing and well suited to my work type.

 Bridget, A. (2016) Journal of Interior Design, Lessons in diversity: Origins of Interior Decoration Education in the United States, 1870-1930.

Here is a journal about interior design which I think might be a good read as I’m unsure of how I feel on the subject and it will hopefully give me a better understanding of it.

Vintage Type Company, (September 13, 2016). Interviews: Callie Hegstrom of Make Media Co.

An interview on a lettering artist and designer of the Make Media company called Callie Hegstrom this designer work is so beautiful as she’s created a range of hand-lettering fonts and she is one of the hand lettering designers that inspire me to like this media.


Carducci, V.(2007). Ed Fella. Biography by Vince Carducci,

I want to look more at the work of Ed Fella because of how he deconstructs his work and starts from scratch, therefore me adding more development to my work by using this method and experimenting to get a completely different result.

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